Happy Birthday William Van Alen!

Born in Brooklyn, NY on August 10, 1883, William Van Alen’s most notable contribution to architecture is the Chrysler Building.

Regarded as one of the best examples of Art Deco style, the Chrysler Building stood as the world’s tallest building when construction was completed in 1930, a title that it held for just eleven months until the Empire State Building was completed just ten blocks away. It still remains the world’s tallest brick building (though it has a steel frame).

With its terraced arches, stainless steel cladding, and sunburst patterns, The Chrysler Building remains one of the most recognizable buildings in New York City -- and even around the world.

In tribute of Mr Van Alen’s important contribution to architecture, our Ziti Card, Christmas Skyscraper Holiday Card, proudly features the iconic Chrysler building topped with an equally iconic red bow.

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