The True Story of the Ziti Card Cats

Frank and Jessie were just 10 weeks old when we rescued them from our local shelter. With all of our love and dedication, these two little kitties quickly became an integral part of our family – as well as our Ziti Card mascots!

Toilet trained and always read to play-fight, Frank and Jessie are indoor cats that live comfortably between our beds, our desktops, and the many UPS boxes we send and receive on a daily basis. Neither one of them love to be held, but they love to be near us, and they make our long work days go by just a little bit faster.

Like most cats, Frank and Jessie spend most of the day sleeping. When they’re not snuggling in their cat beds or purring under our blankets, they can usually be found hanging out around our laptops and computer keyboards. Jessie knows better than to touch the keys. Frank, on the other hand, loves to paw at the keyboard. Needless to say, “windows restore” is sometimes required.

Our Ziti Card cats are more than just our mascots – they are our family. We encourage all of you to rescue a dog or cat from your local shelter. Adoption saves the life of an animal in need – but sometimes, the relationship you build with that animal can change your life in more ways than you ever expected.

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