5 Everyday Examples of Brilliant Engineering

We can thank engineers for the many amenities and modern conveniences that we enjoy every day, as examples of genius engineering can be found in just about everything we do!

1. The Car You Drive

From the creation of the auto motor to the development of the assembly line, engineering makes it possible for you to get behind the wheel and get where you need to go!

2. The Internet You Search

The development of host-to- host protocols, the UNIX operating system, and e-mail began way back in the early 1970s. What began as a way for scientists and engineers to communicate with other has completely changed the way we live today!

3. The TV You Watch

Without the inventions of Tesla, Marconi, and Fleming, we’d never be able to binge watch our favorite shows. The advancements made in radio signals and video receivers reached a major milestone in 1954 when the NBC network made its first coast-to- coast color television transmission.

4. The Air Conditioning That Cools You

From the concept of refrigeration to the installation of the first “comfort cooling system” at the New York Stock Exchange in 1902, we have engineering to thank for keeping us cool and comfortable all summer long!

5. The Appliances You Cook and Clean With

Engines, electronic filaments, ceramic heat conductors, and clockwork mechanisms all go into the toasters, vacuums, washing machines, and microwaves that we use every day!

Engineers continue to make advancements and improvements in our day to day lives. We couldn’t do what we do without them!

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