Three of the Biggest Construction Projects Around the World

From massive theme parks to energy-generating dams, there are some construction projects that seem to defy all odds. These are extreme examples of what architects, engineers, and construction experts can do when they fuse their expertise together.

Dubai Resorts

Dubai Parks & Resorts

When it opened in December 2016, Dubai Parks & Resorts became the first property to debut three theme parks, a water park, and a hotel on the same day. It is scheduled for completion in 2019, at which point additional hotels, theme parks, and retail and dining areas will cover its 25 million square feet of land.

Three Gorges Dam

Three Gorges Dam

Spanning the Yangtze River in China, the Three Gorges Dam, completed in 2012, set a new record as the world’s largest hydroelectric power station. Intended to generate 84.7 TWh of electricity each year, in 2014 it actually produced unprecedented highs of 98.8 TWh.

Dubai airport

Al Maktoum International Airport in Dubai

Opened in 2010 and scheduled for completion in 2018, the Al Maktoum International Airport is projected to be able to handle 12 million tons of cargo and up to 160 million passengers per year.  Measuring approximately 54 square miles, when it’s completed it will be the largest airport in the world.

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